SELFIE Mobile Preset

SELFIE Mobile Preset

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17 SELFIE Lightroom MOBILE Presets for Bloggers & Instagram Photographers

Change your ordinary pictures into dynamic eye-catching images with one click! Download the Free Lightroom App (in the App store on your smart phone) and watch our presets transform your images! The only thing you need to transform your iPhone or Android photos and an Instagram blog. AVL Presets are perfect for influencers, travel bloggers, creators and anyone wanting to bring their everyday photos to life.


  • 17 SELFIE Lightroom Mobile Presets
  • PDF Installation for the Lightroom Mobile App


  • SELFIE-Bright
  • SELFIE-Anti Aging
  • SELFIE-Cooler Deep
  • SELFIE-Deeper
  • SELFIE-Indoor Anti Aging
  • SELFIE-Indoor Natural Light
  • SELFIE-Less Shadows
  • SELFIE-Moody
  • SELFIE-Outdoor Natural Light
  • SELFIE-Outdoor Anti Aging
  • SELFIE-Tan
  • SELFIE-Vibrant
  • SELFIE-Warmer
  • SELFIE-Warmer Anti Aging
  • SELFIE-Wonderland
  • SELFIE-Wonderland Anti Aging

* Works With & WITHOUT Adobe subscription
* You only need Lightroom App on your Phone/iPad (iPhone or Android)
* Step-by-step PDF guide instructions

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  • Tech Specs

    Mobile Presets are .DNG files

    AVL Presets have been tested on a large number of photographs taken on both professional cameras as well as cell phones. In most cases, the Presets work with just one click. However, please make note that the Presets have certain configurations in terms of exposure levels and other technical adjustments. It may be necessary to make your own adjustments, which can be done easily using the Lightroom App on your phone/iPad.

  • Refund Policy

    Please note that all purchases of digital downloads are final. Because this is a digital product, there are no cancellations, exchanges, returns or refunds for any Presets after the files have been purchased.

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