BLOGGER Mobile & Desktop Preset

BLOGGER Mobile & Desktop Preset

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18 BLOGGER Lightroom MOBILE & DESKTOP Presets for Professional Photographers and Bloggers

The ULTIMATE Blogger Preset Pack! Change your ordinary pictures into dynamic eye-catching images with one click! AVL Presets are perfect for influencers, travel bloggers, creators and anyone wanting to bring their everyday photos to life.

18 BLOGGER Lightroom Mobile Presets
18 BLOGGER Lightroom Desktop Presets (In XMP format. Please make sure your version of Lightroom is compatible!)
PDF Installation for the Lightroom Mobile App

Presets Included:

  • Blogger
  • Blogger Brighter
  • Blogger Saturated
  • Blogger Brighter Smooth Skin
  • Blogger Cooler Smooth Skin
  • Blogger Cooler Whites
  • Blogger Cooler Whites Darker
  • Blogger Crisp
  • Blogger Faded
  • Blogger Darker
  • Blogger Sage
  • Blogger Smooth Skin
  • Blogger Tan
  • Blogger Tan Brighter
  • Blogger Tan Smooth Skin
  • Blogger Tan Smooth Skin Brighter
  • Blogger Warm
  • Blogger Warm Brighter

AVL Presets have been tested on a large number of photographs taken on both professional cameras as well as cell phones. In most cases, the Presets work with just one click. However, please make note that the Presets have certain configurations in terms of exposure levels and other technical adjustments. It may be necessary to make your own adjustments, which can be done easily using Lightroom on your desktop or the Lightroom App on your phone/iPad.

Please note that all purchases of digital downloads are final. Because this is a digital product, there are no cancellations, exchanges, returns or refunds for any Presets once the purchase has been made.

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